Frequently Asked Questions

How do i become a Smile Enhance Consultant?

The quickest way is to join through our registrations page.

What is the Cost to Join smile Enhance?

To join the Smile Enhance network it is free entry, to become a registered franchsie owner you will need to gain minimum 100 SE Points.

What is the Exchange For Product & SE Points?

Smile Enhance value each wholesale £1 spent as 1 SE POINT and these values are accumulated as the product is purchased to determine acheivements and qualifications for various Smile Enhance Consultant incentives.

EFP are the units by which we measure store credit. The products are assigned EFP values dependent on their cost. EFP allows you to build your business globally without worrying about were your next purchase is coming from.

What is the earning potential through Smile Enhance?

The earning potential through being a consultant is entierly up to you. Some Consultants choose to operate there buisnesses part time from home to help cover bills, some consultants go onto becoming fully qualified beauty therapist and opening salons earning substancial incomes. Whether your dreams are little or big Smile Enhance is for you.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity.

Are Smile Enhance Products safe to use?

Smile Enhance products are completely safe and comply with all cosmetic regulations.

Where are Smile Enhance products purchased?

Smile Enhance are very careful when it comes to manufacturing our natural based products and only source the best quality in products. Our cosmetic labs are vasty covered all over the world and come with quality assured licences.

Who is the Smile Enhance Accreditation with?

Smile Enhance beauty therapy courses are accredited with CPD and all licences are available subject to terms and conditions via our head office portal.

Who can i contact if i have more questions?

Please contact head office direct at