The Network Began

The story of The Smile Enhance network began with one lady and an ambitious dream. For years, Rebecca Moorfield had been searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in her life, equality and freedom.

Based from her home, The 7 Day Smile Detox was sold to 5 family and friends at a discounted rate. It was clear from there how productive this idea was to become.

It rapidly took off with salons and business friends wanting to become a part of her group and the product line grew.

What they discovered was an opportunity that gave them not only more control over how they spent their time but it allowed their knowledge to expand in ways thought not possible, not forgetting how they earned an income whilst hosting the perfect smile.

Smile Enhance quickly grew from one women’s dream into the dream of millions. The mix between the calibre of our products and the simplicity of our carefully sought career plan meant that anyone who wanted to could improve the quality of their life. Some started out as customers in search of better smiles. Some grew from satisfied customers to Smile Enhance entrepreneurs.

With the background of beauty therapy and the power of sales, Rebecca studied to become an educator and brought together a fully accredited beauty therapy network which could be acheived through motivation and sales.

Others saw the business potential immediately and began building a successful organization within there own network.

Whatever their reason for getting involved, the results were the same, Each individual turned there opportunity into success.

Today we have over 600 distributors globally and are forever expanding, our knowledge and our network.