The British Association of Cosmetic Oral Care

A recognised self-regulating organisation devoted to protecting the public’s safety.

When registered with the BACOC, displaying your membership certificate will create assurance to the general public and bring awareness that they are dealing with highly educated, well trained, and safe Cosmetic stain Removal Practitioners, who are devoted to their industry amongst the other proffesionals who help to create 

The BACOC was formed in 2016 by a group of professionals from across the globe, including oral scientist, beauty therapist and teaching assessors. Their aim to support their members, ensuring each delegate stays within the guidelines of the BACOC code of practice. Should anydiscrepancies occur each deligiate has full cover. Not only protecting the general public but also to guard consumers from ignorance, harmful chemicals and unskillfulness training.

BACOC represent each formation of the Cosmetic Stain Removal process.

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Beauty / Medical Industry professionals

Each Association member as an individual must remember to upkeep the functions of the association and effectively act lawfully in the interests of the general publics safety.

The BACOC will remain working with different organisations to improve the conditions to which therapists are currently working alongside when offering Cosmetic Stain Removal treatments. We aim to raise the bar and help to set standards which can lead in a positive direction for both medical and non-medical professionals to work alongside each other collectively progressing there development along the way whilst working within the guidelines of the cosmetic regulations.

We support each member directly through blog pages, monthly newsletters and social media pages.

The General public may view a list of each Cosmetic Stain Removal Practitioner Here. Anyone found to be offering such treatments without the correct licence numbers will be reported to the correct authorities.

Please look out for the official BACOC logo to trust you are in a safe environment and dealing with a professionally trained cosmetic stain removal practitioner who takes pride in the quality of their service.